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Welcome to my new section about 3D stereoscopy.

3 jan: Check out my 3D stereo video player! It's still beta, but it might be worth to try...

6 feb:

not much done. busy with other things too..
but it seems like it's not working for most people.. i know it was buggy but...
But I have put on the source code for people who want to try to help me.


First, some Frequently Asked Questions... just for the newbies.


What does 3D stereo mean?
'3D stereo' is the perception of 3D of video and sound whereby the mind combines two seperately sources provided to your left & right senses.


How do I seperately provide left and right audio signals to my ears?
Use a headphone. Phones covering the whole ear is recommended.

How do I seperately provide left and right video signals to my eyes?
Options from low to high costs: Eyes-only, Anaglyph-glasses, Shutter-glasses, VR-headset, 3D-display, Polaroid-glasses, Holography.
Can I see 3D from a 2D picture?
Yep... just cross your eyes and practice looking at a stereo-pair.
Keep a safe distance, try to relax your eyes and focus.

What are anaglyph-glasses?
Those fancy red/green or red/blue glasses. The colors in the picture are blocked by the colors of the glasses.
A drawback is that you can't correctly perceive colors because the glasses have a color of their own.


What are shutter-glasses?
Glasses with LCS's (liquid crystal shutter) that covers one eye at a time when displaying the correct image.
Examples are the 3D Revelator by ELSA and the cheap ASUS glasses (only works on ASUS videocards ofcourse).
A drawback is that you need a high frequency and brightness is cut into half.

What is a VR-headset?
A Virtual Reality headset contains two seperate displays/lenses.
The big advantage is that you have a wider view and can rotate your head without losing sight.
What is a 3D monitor?
It's a TFT screen with small vertical lens-strips that focus on the lines dedicated for a specific eye. The correction for the position shift is done with a head-position tracker.
What are polaroid-glasses?
If you perpendicularly polarize the light of two beamers and view the projected image with polaroid-glasses, each eye sees a different image.
You'll need two projectors but with fairly-cheap glasses you can let many people watch in color, unlike with anaglyph-glasses.

What is holography?
A virtual 3D image viewed from any point and not wearing any special glasses.
A holograph has the image for all possible angles. It can either be generated from a direct source in real-time, stored into holographic material or computer generated (which is the most diffult ofcourse).
But this topic is actually out of the scope of "3D stereo" since it doesn't product 2 specific left & right images.


How do I generate the 3D audio signals?
Assuming you're using a headphone it is calculated with Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF), reflections, dampening, raytracing etc...
HRTF is the difference in frequency/time/amplitude between both ears.
Due to system limitations, we can't calculate the air pressure & flow for each possible 3D position, but we can ofcourse simulate it.
For games, we use DirectSound 3D, EAX, A3D libraries to set up an environment, listener and sound sources.


How do I generate 3D video signals?
You can record it with two parallel cameras with a eye-distance or generate it with the computer.
Beware that CG scenes take up twice the amount of time to render.

Because sheep rule!
Is this the last question?
NO... I just don't want to write them all down :P

3D Stereo in games

I myself have a 3D revelator plugged between the VGA-signal (unfortunately most game consoles don't have this) and I will use it when testing my games.
There are native-3D stereo games which use specific drivers (old DOS-games for example) and there are games that rely on high-level 3D graphics drivers like DirectX and OpenGL.
For correct operation, everything should be displayed as 3D, so the background and HUD's should be at the correct depth and you can't use 2D tricks!!!
See developer.nvidia.com for the DO's and DONT's when writing 3D stereo compliant games.

3D Stereo pictures

Most common format you see is .JPS. This is a normal JPEG except it has a picture for each eye.
The left part is for the right eye, and the right part is for the left eye. This way you can also watch it when crossing your eyes.
The compression artifacts of JPEG can be seen as a dirty monitor which is kind of funny IMHO.
There are many pictures on the web of buildings, places, people (nudes too).
I'll put up some pictures later on... maybe some 3D screenshots :P

3D Stereo movies

There aren't so much video tapes and DVD's that are 3D... You'll need some special equipment too. And besides, most of them are XXX movies.
There are also some computer rendered movies.
Stereo movies could have extensions like: .mpgs, .avis, .divxs...
Get the LSX-MPEG player from www.ligos.com if you want to play MPEG2 movies (WinXP users can turn off the overlay filter checkbox)
Check the links to find some movies.

My 3D Stereo video player

I have written a DirectShow renderer that plays 3D stereo movies using Direct3D.
Movie is rendered to a texture which is shown on an object close to the camera, allowing the NVidia stereo driver to seperate this again. Stereo seperation can be fine-tuned in my player too.
It's not yet finished, but you can have a look at the beta version...

3dstereo.zip - 3D Stereo filter & player beta version 1

3dstereo.txt - notes to source code
SampVid.zip - 3D stereo render filter for DirectShow
PlayWnd.zip - sample player that uses the 3D stereo filter

3D media

hardcore 3D pics (jps).rar - 3D hardcore XXX pictures in jps format. You must be 18+ to see these legally.
Full collection (27MB): stereoscopic jps erotic stars porno xxx lukeford.rar


Michal Husak - Win3D Stereoscopic Video Player (also got some movies)
www.ligos.com - MPEG2 codec
www.nvidia.com - 3D stereo support drivers. Supports: DirectX, OpenGL, Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP, Shutter-glasses, Anaglyph-glasses.
www.stereo3d.com - News and more resources
www.3dmagic.com - ...
www.3dphoto.net - Many 3D pictures
www.stereofoto.de - More 3D pictures
search for "JPS" and "stereo" for even more picture sites
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3Dphoto - Oh... there seems to be yohoo groups too
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3D-Glamourphoto - Oh... there seems to be yohoo groups too

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