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Nintendo DS

Width: 148.7 millimeters (5.85 inches)
Length: 84.7 millimeters (3.33 inches)
Height: 28.9 millimeters (1.13 inches)
Displays: two, 256x192 pixels, 3 inch, one with touch-screen
Networking: IEEE 802.11 and a proprietary format; range: 30 to 100 feet.
Cartridges: GBA and DS
Controls: A/B/X/Y, L/R (shoulder buttons)
Other: LiIon 10h of play, headset, multi-language, voice-recognition

touch DS ? .hack//DS !blog

I was the first to run homebrew code on DS, but it's good to see other people making little demo's already. I guess...

Click my banner and support unlocking the DS mysteries completely. ;P
Or better yet, make an investment to cover my expenses or providing new research material.
Many thanks to the people that already have sent something!
Currently, I am looking at the GBA movie players and add CompactFlash reading support to firmware/ndslib.
Mail address info here.

Please pay $1 commission for each sold PassMe that uses my sourcecode :)
I can make a customized version on request. Or just wait for new ideas to come true... :)
games - PassMe2 information and files.
passme.vhd - VHDL code for PassMe.
passme.ucf - UCF code for PassMe.
passme.jed - JEDEC file for PassMe. For use with Impact.
passme.svf - STAPL file for PassMe. For use with any JTAG programmer.
p455m3.png - 03/14 - P455M3... I made this variation on Natrium42's original PassMe layout because I like 45 degree-rotated chips.
p455m3.zip - 03/14 - P455M3 Eagle sch+pcb. You can build it yourself or order at Natrium42's site.

Natrium42's PassMe and some other red PassMe

red PassMe put into spare Metroid cartridge
hackds.zip - old code for my FPGA pass-through and dumper. Note that none of this works out of the box without my hardware.
metroid.jpg - the first homebrew code simply patches some text in Metroid
hack_ds-df.avi - the video of Metroid with patched text
- SL1 contacts to enable writing to first 512 Bytes or 64 kBytes (depending of chip type) of firmware.
The update will put in a safety mechanism to boot from GBA cartridge so you can always restore the rest of the firmware.
cartridge.txt - The cartridge pin-out with information
nds-release-open12_13.jpg - cartridge PCB with guessed hidden traces
dstap.png - design for tapping cartridge transfers.
GB connector with FPGA.jpg - one cartridge connector... I haven't received a 2nd GB connector yet :(
piece of PCB.jpg - an etched piece of PCB that was used to create the dummy cartridge
pass-through.jpg - Running metroid using an FPGA pass-through.
more hacking.jpg - To gain easier access to the PCB, the battery is replaced with a goldcap so the back of the case is not needed anymore.
The bottom screen does not need to be connected as long the backlight contacts are bridged by a resistor (6K8 or so).
The FPGA can control the RST signal to make the DS reset automatically upon crashes.
Currently, it can also emulate the RTC so it can generate random numbers.
Also, there is a GBA cartridge emulator that provides a small startup program and communications to the PC.

CompactFlash adapter

Homebrew CompactFlash adapter. Slightly compatible with GBA Movie Player.

Such a wiremess... but it works :) Note that I reversed the refurbished connector.
CF schematic.png - Schematic.
cfds.zip - Schematic and preliminary board layout in Eagle format.

DS development toolsblog

ndstool.exe - DS rom tool to view header info, fix CRC, extract files. (binary, might not be the latest version)
ndstool - sourcecode can be found here (CVS)
ndsmall.bin - Small NDS/SRL loader for use with GBA flashcard. No filesystem support. Example:
copy /b ndsmall.bin + demo.nds demo.ds.gba

ezf3me.zip - EZ-Flash III loader replacement for PassMe/WifiMe/FlashMe compatibility. Replace the loader.bin in the directory of the flash manager.
ppflash.zip - Firmware recovery by parallel port. Soldering skills required!
flashmp.rar - Firmware flasher for GBA Movie Player, Supercard SD and Supercard CF. Don't forget to insert the SD/CF card or else it won't detect.
fwdumper.nds - Firmware dumper (to CF card).
IS_NITRO_DIR.zip - dummy IS_NITRO_DIR folder
swi.txt - known SWI calls

Homebrew games

LightsOutCube0.4.zip - Put out all the lights from all sides of a cube.


Tip: do not run malware on your DS.
TROJ_DSBRICK.A, Trojan.DSBrick.A, 151361 bytes, md5sum a959cfa514f4c7162a81421ee99d3356, r0mloader.nds
Version A was intended for the so called ROM-pirates. Hence the name of the filename and description. It was anonymously posted to just a few IRC channels and one forum. Elsewhere, it was known that is was a trojan.
After erasing firmware etc., it shows a picture of a brick wall.
TROJ_DSBRICK.B, Trojan.DSBrick.B, 548673 bytes, md5sum 8e7a3728759df265ca3a78553cf27bb8, taihen.nds
Version B was not released into public and should not be encountered. After erasing firmware etc., it cycles through five attractive drawings.


When loading an NDS program over WiFi using the "DS download play" option, you'll get to see a small logo.
This logo is a black/white picture of 104x16 pixels. I figured out the compression of this logo and added support to ndstool. It's pretty useless but cool :)
When creating own logo's, please keep in mind that not all images are suitable because of limited compressed size! The logo's listed here are verified already.

Links and stuff

Natrium42's blog - designs of PassMe passthrough device based on my code
DS PassMe - PassMe info
Kraln - Scene news and selling PassMe's
Chishm's GBA Movie Player Projects

Touch-DS - Touch the DS :)
Rules for #dsdev on EFnet. Read them first!!!
DSemu - Nintendo DS emulator
Dualis - Nintendo DS emulator
HyperDS - Nintendo DS emulator
iDeaS - Nintendo DS emulator
iris ensata.rar - Ensata 1.3c. official emulator. With dual 3D support!.
ensata_help.png - Help pages for the emulator.
ensata.png - Ensata 1.3c. the official emulator running Descent DS ;P (photoshopped of course).

NDSTech Wiki - The homebrew Nintendo DS(TM) technical reference
Darkain - another nice info page
hack - Multi NDS loader and DarkStar
Lots of pictures of DS internals and cartridges!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_DS - Generic info about DS
http://zerohaven.com/ds/wiki/ - Some other Wiki site

Intelligent Systems - creator some Nintendo DS tools
Order your DS and games here. (affiliate link)
MetroWerks - Here you can get an evaluation version of CodeWarrior Development Studio ARM ISA Edition which could be used for Nintendo DS.
backtrace.de - The IDA palace has an NDS loader (ARM9/ARM7) and SDK signature files (shift-F5 to load) for use with IDA (disassembler). NOTE: Both are called nds.zip !

akkit.org - E3 and other demo's
FireFly's DS page - Wireless MultiBoot driver + application
ndshb - Collection of homebrew games and apps
SaTa.'s NDS Time
Headspin's DS Page

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