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GameBoy Color

The GameBoy Color is the color version of the popular GameBoy. It also has a double-speed mode and infrared port.
To start developing for the GBC, you'll need a flash cartridge/programmer...


22 aug. 2002 - Source of Ballgame released on request. Also added source code of Dark Intentions.


misc - misc tools & libraries
graphics - Text modes, Sprite test, ...
demos - Vectrony, Dark Intentions, ...
games - Cube Raider, Boulderdash, Pacman, ...
links - links to other sites (from which you can download other needed tools)


How to start?

* Download the SDCC GameBoy compiler: gbdk-win32
NOTE: most source codes on this site rely on the non-SDCC version.
* Search for the "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About GAMEBOY" document (aka GBSPEC). There are text and PDF versions. Msg me if you can't find it.
* Try to compile some programs... note that the latest GBDK might be a little incompatable with my demos/games.
* Try to make your own l33t demos/games :P
* More instructions later... :) for now... just follow the links and read some docs


Modified Hash emulator to support webcam. There's no dithering, contrast or brightness control. It just converts images to GB format and maps them in memory.

hashcam.zip - source code (includes GBcamera rom)

Gameboy Camera

GameBoy camera test stuff... grab a GB2PP cable... disassemble GBCamera cartridge... and try to make it work for yourself...
Please notify me when you have deciphered the workings of the gbcam controller.



Context switching test

16 threads.zip - binary + source

AT keyboard interface

Connect an AT-keyboard to the link port !. it's even interrupt driven.
AT keyboard.zip - source code


tools.zip - 4to8bit, 8to4bit, bin2asm, bin2c, bmp2gb, map2inc, pal2bin, patch, wav2bin
bin2o.zip - binary to object converter for GBDK

Infrared keyboard

Use an infrared keyboard with your GBC. Tested with keyboard that came with an internet box.
NetBox keyboard.zip

Rumble test

I added a cellular phone rumble motor to a bung cartridge and it works!
Rumble test.zip - binary + source code
but you might try some of my games which also have rumble support.

UltraEdit wordfile

ASM hi-light wordfile for use with Ultraedit.
Ultraedit asm hi-light.txt


Sprite test

Just a stupid house with a window to test flipped tiles, sprite priority etc...
PC screenshot (32x18 map in GameBoy Map editor)
sprite test.zip - source code

Vertical split screen

Adjusts scroll register at x=80 of each line
Splitscreen.zip - source code

Textmode 40x24

Textmode using APA (all pixel addressable mode:)

Textmode 40x18

Textmode using flickering technique, so don't try it on an emulator!
Textmode 40x18 (flickering).zip


Sinewave with big image using all available tiles (6*128)
- binary + source code

Movieplayer / Movieracer

Hmm.. a grayscale movie player actually runs pretty smoothly.
Also a color movie player just needs to have the palette set each frame.
sorry, no downloads

GUI examples

Samples of GUI's like Mac,Windoze... resized to GBC size
GUI samples.zip

3D wireframe cube

It's a bit slow using those old GBDK library calls...
screenshot - binary + source code

Demo's & cool stuff

Dark Intentions

My cool demo that got 2nd in the GBdev2000 compo held by Quang. (damn... I never received the prize...)
Just look at that optimized 40x38 (4x4 pixel) rotozoomer (palette map is 8x8 pixel resolution).
I know the ending is pretty slow for fast readers but don't miss the fake startup sequence and a similar pling sound :)

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot - binary
Dark Intentions.src.zip - source code


A little vectorball demo and italic sprite scroller.
screenshot - binary + source code



Yet another boulderdash game with diamonds, scissors, lions or were they tigers... :P
screenshot - binary + source code


I started on a ball game inspired by OXYD.
screenshot - binary
Ballgame.src.zip - source code


My first GBC game with color...
screenshot - binary + source code

Cube Raider

A nice puzzle game with sound, built-in puzzle editor, etc...
- binary
Cube Raider.zip - source code



GB Devrs - Jeff's site
GB Dev - yet another GB dev site

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