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GP32 EXT port

The EXT port (something with partnumber 3050-18R-0.5???) has UART (serial port), JTAG (in-system debugging/programming) & I2C (to attach keyboard, access eeprom)... thus great for developing.
pin-out on devrs.com page (I'm too lazy to post it here :)
See below for links where to get the connector.
Or get a mobile phone connector / data cable (NOTE: charger-cables might not have enough pins to be useful!!!):
- Samsung R200 / R210
- NEC N21i
- please tell me when you find other compatable phones

Here's a picture of a fitting connector... I used the pinout according to GamePark's coloring, but instead of nTRST (optional JTAG signal) I used CTS and added a white wire for RTS.



3050 (EXT connector) - http://www.hyupjininc.com/kor/product/3050_1801pin.htm
3050 (EXT connector) - http://www.sebo2000.com/connector/3050%20series.htm
http://www.gameparkdev.co.kr/pdsdata/ioport-en.pdf - pinout
http://www.gameparkdev.co.kr/pdsdata/ioport(gp32)-en.pdf - pinout


You can connect to two serial ports of which the first has full handshaking signals.

GpTerm.fxe.zip - v1.00 - terminal program. set at 115200 baud.
Tested with 'dir > com1' & using my Palm. Buttons are sent back as single characters.

Also check wether you want a male or female connector and wether you need a null-modem converter (check links for info).
If you want/need a null-modem, buy/make one with a partial handshaking.
Full handshaking often does not work with terminal programs like HyperTerminal.

To convert 3V <-> RS232 levels, I used a MAX3222, which you can sample for free from Maxim.

Here are pictures of the MAX3222 datasheet, the top part of the box with serial connector and the hole for the JTAG port and the bottom part which holds the circuit.


Maxim/Dallas - Get a free sample of the MAX3222CPN chip
lammertbies - Null-modem information


Check ARM page for general JTAG info.

jtag.txt - How to use JTAG without the EXT connector. Now updated for Wiggler pinout.
jtag_pins.jpg - Image indicating the pin locations. Only needed if you cannot find a connector!
flashjtag.cpp - Some sourcecode to program the flashchip using a parallel cable.

Other add-ons

device notes
RF-module - wireless multi-playing up to 4 players
mobile phone cable - internet play... commercial apps only for GPi32 :/

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