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GP32 USB port

The USB port can be used as host (unpowered?) or device.

The default GP32 bulk usb driver is based on a Microsoft example and can cause blue-screens :)
Examples that use this are the pclink protocol, GpDebug or any other application that uses GP's communication library.

Future plans are to make GP32 are fully-compliant multifunction device that has removable storage media, audio, serial port, game controller, and possibly video out.


PC-Link is the GamePark USB tool/protocol to transfer files between PC & GP32.
Get original PC-Link program from GamePark's site.
I made a command line version with a direct execution option to make it easier to develop.

pclink.fxe.zip - v1.01 - PC-Link... if you want to use/make firmware replacements. Note: for ID retrieval use the original PC-link+GPS2 or ID tool.
pclink101.zip - v1.01 - some people reported problems with 1.02 and i don't know what it is and i didn't backup 1.01 source code :)
pclink.zip - v1.02 - command-line PC-Link tool. file upload & direct execute.
GP32USB.zip - v1.01 - PC-link compatable USB driver based on the buggy bulk-usb driver example (same as GamePark uses) but I fixed the annoying "unsafe removal of device" warning (if you had any problems with that when turning on/off the GP32). Includes patched source file.
GP32 USB Driver for XP - FireFly has compiled a new version using the XP-DDK and hopefully won't give any bluescreens anymore.

Other add-ons

device notes
TV module - GP has announced a module to watch TV on the GP32
game controller - might be an idea for Linux/SDL


USB.org - info, specs, links
linux-usb - Linux USB Project
usb devices - linux USB device database
FireFly - PC-Link NameSpace Extension !

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