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This mostly outdate site mainly contain things like game console development related information, source code and tools. I'm sure some of it will be of good use. So have have a look around.
I plan to change the content to keyword-based articles someday, making it easier to view.
Read the information page for Terms of Use, disclaimers, copyrights, personal information, paypal support and site feedback. I don't expect any of you have some spare money, but I keep up the hopes :)

my tech blog. The idea now it to move articles to this and use Google to run the site. Just need to find out the easiest/cheapest way.

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3D stereoscopy 3D stereoscopy
日本のアニメ 日本のアニメ
Advanced RISC Machines Advanced RISC Machines
Chiitaa Chiitaa
Sega DreamCast Sega DreamCast
Nintendo Developers' System / Dual Screen Nintendo Developers' System / Dual Screen
Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi
Field Programmable Gate Array Field Programmable Gate Array
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Nintendo GameBoy Color Nintendo GameBoy Color
GamePark GP32 GamePark GP32
Website and contact information Website and contact information
日本語 日本語
Livebox DSL router Livebox DSL router
Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube Nintendo GameCube
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
Personal Computer Personal Computer
Pocket Dream Console Pocket Dream Console
Nintendo Pokemon Mini Nintendo Pokemon Mini
Microsoft PocketPC Microsoft PocketPC
PocketStation PocketStation
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PlayStation III PlayStation III
Sony PlayStation Portable Sony PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita
Sony PlayStation (One) Sony PlayStation (One)
Toolbox containing useful development tools Toolbox containing useful development tools
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