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Ok, I bought one... and blew up by accidently putting 5V on EXI clock output ^_^.
So I returned that one, saying I didn't like it very much. And afterwards bought a new one with better intentions.
Now I wired up my GC to my FPGA again... without blowing up :)
Still need to write myself a nice IPL patch.



CPU: IBM PowerPC Gekko, 128bit
Graphic Processor: Flipper 128bit
Main RAM: 24Mb
Graphic RAM: 16Mb
More specs can be found in the developer manuals, so get them.

GCM creation

There are tools in the official SDK to make a GCM file.

Use C:\NPDP\GDEV\bin\ddfEditor.exe to edit a DDF file. It has info such as: game details, filenames, priority, program loader.

set BUILDTOOLS_ROOT=C:\DolphinSDK1.0\build\buildtools
C:\NPDP\GDEV\bin\OdemMakeDlf.exe MyGame.ddf

del MyGame.gcm
C:\makegcm_v1004_9-10-01-with-patched-dll\makegcm MyGame.dlf MyGame.gcm

You'll probably want to rip a newer AppLoader.ldr from some other GCM and use that instead.

MakeGcm.dll - Patched version of DLL to skip the unwanted 0x8000 byte header.

Also worth a look: gcmtool (found at sourceforge)



Phantasy Star Online (PSO)

You can hack a bit around with the webbrowser in PSO if you know how to setup a DNS server. It is restricted to *.playsega.com but you can use some webserver script to rewrite html pages. The gameserver address is pso-gc1.pso.playsega.com and uses different ports for 50/60 Hz mode.
To use the PSO remote exploit with the GCM loader, you don't have to change the IP of your PC.
Simply run netsh interface ip add address "Local Area Connection" or use the control panels in Windows 5+.
ParadoX' loader has IP settings, so you can use that too.
Don't forget to set NIC into half-duplex mode (100 mbit should work) with some loaders.
Don't download or play illegal games. Happy hacking!



Nothing yet.



SDK - Part of official SDK. Pretty old (dec 2001), but the NSDSG password I had didn't work long.
WarioWorld login - Pretty useless now.
Building GCC - Compile your own compiler. You might need to tweak some options to make it perfect.
Dextrose - The mother
Dextrose Forum - Great forum, read rules before posting (as always)
Controller pinout - Hmm, looks really like N64 controller.
GCLib - A library to get going.
gcinfo -
GCHack - Lots of useful tools. And tutorial of how to run DOL files etc...

Dolwin - Emulator source code including lots of RE documentation.


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