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SNK made a color version of their NEOGEO Pocket in the hope to beat Nintendo's GBC...
Unfortunately not much people have this one... but it was fun for a while to code for.
But.. you might still be interested in obtaining one...

Happy coding!
See links below too!


df.zip - My C library. includes some Gameboy calls too.
wav2c.zip - Wave to C converter
s242ngp.zip - s24 to ngp binary converter.
tb2ngpc.cpp - a program to convert TileBuddy binaries to NGPC format.
Compiler & other stuff - You need C compiler...?


A command-line flash utility for the Pocket Linker.

PokeLink.zip - My Pocket Linker flash program. Needs GiveIO driver.
PokeLink_src.zip - source code for PokeLink.
poklink.zip - PokeLink for non-NT machines (modified by Jeff)


Image/window test written in assembly. Picture converted with GIQ & GBTD/GBMB.
- binary + source


A quick port of the pacman game I wrote for GameBoy Color.
screenshot - binary + source

pacmans.zip - binary of GB & NGPC version of pacman.


Jeff Frohwein's site - Also some NGPC resources such as assemblers, converters etc... be sure to check it out !


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