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Sunday, October 23, 2011

PocketStation Google Authenticator

Do you have a Google account and want to be more secure? Own a Sony PocketStation? Now you can use this device as a security token to login with 2-factor authentication on the Google site and even use it for logging into your linux machine using a PAM module.
It supports one key using the 30-second Time-based One-time Password algorithm. It's hashing up a secret key together with the current time to come to a 6 digit number. The small program takes up one memory block.

I used to collect handheld game devices and other gadgets. The PocketStation once caught my eye but could not easily find it here. It's a PlayStation-memory-card device with a small display that can run mini-games. It was supposed to be better than the Dreamcast VMU, which I owned already. The PocketStation has infrared, better CPU, better battery life, better software support, bettter looks.
When I went to Japan for holiday some year or two ago, I finally bought a 2nd hand PocketStation. I'm not playing so many games anymore, so it was just waiting for me to get a good idea and get the tools set up.
The idea was to use this device instead of my iPhone doing the authenticator part. Of course, malware on a phone would not be good anyway, but getting the key out of the authenticator app is a lot easier than hijacking a browser session. Also, switching between the authenticator and browser can take some while and has a risk of apps being closed when running out of memory. That sums up the risks of jailbroken iPhone I guess.
Anyways, with one small PocketStation app made, I could try to find other applications. One idea I just came up with is using the infrared as a replacement for an Apple remote and lock my MacBook using the iAlertU application.

Anyways, what I currently have for you:
Emulator screenshot.

YouTube video of real device.

Pre-compiled zip. (only need to add your key.)
Source-only zip.
More info in the readme contained in the zip files.

For programming the PocketStation,
1) I used an official Sony PS3 memory adapter. It's normally used to transfer old savegames into the PS3. For this, I used a program called MCRWwin.
There are other ways to do it but I have not investigated them yet:
2) Using and old hacked PlayStation and some save game editor homebrew application.
3) Use a different interface device, such as a parallel port. Check out the PSXGameEdit or PSX Memory Card Manager pages for more information.

edit, created sf project: