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I finally got a PSP! It looks so sweet!

Anyway... My scope is still useless but at least can indentify which signals are clocks.
I saw the clock DLL/PLL/whatever chip uses some serial protocol for configuring. If I can find out how to put the CPU into a lower speed... I uhm... dunno if it helps or not :P

hardware.txt - some partnumbers and stuff

PSP battery trouble

Charge Level 0%
Hours Left -
Power source external
Battery Status Charge complete
In this case, the battery might be full but just a bit confused. Drain it with some light bulb and regularly check in PSP if it will turn on. Note that depleting Li-ion batteries is generally not a good idea.


psp_net - Some Japanese page about PSP networking
lik-sang - Some nice details on PSP and a copy of memory stick data
psp-pro.com - ^_^
psp.scedev.net/a> - erm... hack this
pspexp - another hack
forums.ps2dev.org - PSP general discussion
Sony PSP Specs - some slideshow
CXD2962GG report - sample report
Taking Apart the PlayStation Portable - I used this guide
Putting the PlayStation Portable back in one piece - I'm going to use this probably
PSP not working at full power? - Indications that the system can be over/underclocked.

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