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Welcome to my toolbox with development and non-development tools, scripts, etc...
Please stay tuned !

- Online conversion utilities -

- Misc development - Debugging - Binary file converters - Data generator - Graphics tools - Scripting - P2P - Misc - Links -

Misc development

building GCC toolkit.txt - how to compile GCC
proja.zip - tool to use Visual Studio 7 with GCC & GNU makefiles
capture.zip - Captures output of any command or batch file. Win32 src included.
gcc.sh.zip - shell scripts for compiling GCC
gcc online docs - online GCC documentation
Cdilla_LMS_Rewind.zip - C-Dilla rewinder to extend evaluation period
GIVEIO.zip - a famous direct I/O access driver for Windows NT made by Dale Roberts. includes source code.


EmuDebug.zip - v1.02 - Debug console output for emulators that do not have one by default. Example libraries can be found in the GBA or GP32 section.

Binary file tools

bin2hex.zip - Binary 2 hexidecimal converter. (I am 1337! -> 49 20 61 6D 20 31 33 33 37 21)
hex2bin.zip - Hexadecimal to binary converter. (49 20 61 6D 20 31 33 33 37 21 -> I am 1337!)
bin2c.zip - binary to C const array converter.
bin2o.zip - binary to GCC object converter (for ARM, thumb-interworking option).
redim.zip - Powerful binary array redimensionizer. v2.02 - Transpose, reorder, reverse, resize. Work on matrices, tilemaps, bitmaps...
filechain.zip - concatenate files but adds filesizes
FixBlocks.zip - Simple MD5 file block hasher that can generate a patch file and apply it on a bad file. Very user unfriendly. I would recommend 'FileRepair'.
patch.zip - Simple patch tool that can overwrite a piece of file with a given byte/halfword/word/file.
interleave.zip - A small tool to interleave multiple binary files into one.
bix2hex.zip - Cypress binary hex to plain hex converter.
binconvert.zip - binary/hex/s19 converter.

Data generators

maketab.zip - Table generator - Generates sin/cos/tan/asin/reciprocal tables tables

Graphics tools

getjpgsize.zip - Get JPEG dimensions in parsable format
bmp2bin.zip - bitmap to binary converter with output for GameBoy, GP32, and more formats
pal2act.zip - JASC palette -> ACT palette converter
pal2bin.zip - JASC palette -> 12/15/24/32 bits binary palette converter
bmp2map.zip - bitmap to map converter using unique tiles. Supports 8 bits bmp's/tiles.


crc.zip - Forward and reverse CRC16/CRC32 calculation example written in C++.
SSH.txt - Some useful SSH information.
nozpam.zip - Anti-spambot CGI script that generates random e-mail addresses pointing to loopback addresses.


index.cmd.txt - Apache-style directory listing written in Windows command script (CGI using cmd.exe). It can browse, delete, download from any directory, filemask.
ExtractAttachments.bas - Simple attachment extracting script for MS Outlook.
firehol.conf - FireHOL configuration using snat/dnat instead of masquerading, which is faster if you have a static IP address.
mutex.zip - Makes sure a program isn't started twice and waits if it is.

P2P - Peer to peer filesharing tools

ed2k_ssh.zip - Sends ed2k links from Windows to a remote xmule using SSH.
ed2k_mldonkey.zip - Sends ed2k links from Windows to a remote mldonkey. Needs netcat, mutex.
(There's also a mlfixed2.reg on MLdonkey World site, but uses internet explorer and the web interface)

- File meta-info catalog service
hash.zip - A great file hashing tool for command-line usage. Lots of algorithms, custom output formats and many other options. Includes source,win32 and linux binary.

Other links

UltraEdit - Very good text editor.
WinHex - Very good hex editor for files, disks & RAM.
Google - THE search engine.
BPSoft - Hex Workshop is a good hex editor.
Winzip - A fast and good file archiver.
Rarsoft - WinRAR is yet another file archiver. Lot of warez come in RAR format.
SysInternals - Lot's of cool Windows tools.
BootDisk - Collection of bootdisks and other useful tools.

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